Editorial Edge is a boutique marketing agency that focuses on effective messaging and communications. Our approach is based on the certainty that the right message delivered to the right audience in the right way will always deliver a win.  We help our clients get those three things straight.

We are effective because we are good storytellers. We work with you to develop messages that motivate and combine them with the tools that ​will deliver the message best.

Our narrated presentations are a unique product we have offered our clients for more than a decade. We call them SuperPoints. More effective than PowerPoint. As impactful as video. Better value for money. It is a message delivery tool that has become the most requested service we offer. Clients use SuperPoints because it helps them cut to the chase faster. In most cases it is five minutes or less to get your audience to the point where they really understand why you are in front of them. (Check our own SuperPoint. You'll get it right away. Find it on our home page or click on the link to watch it on YouTube. )

Run and Gun Video Services​ apply production values we have adapted from daily television news production. Fast and effective.

Business development services are also a significant part of our business.  We have created and exited successfully from a number of companies. We leverage that experience with client companies that are trying to get their messaging straight. We have a lot of experience with startups.  Increasingly we are working with more mature organizations that face challenges in keeping all of their sales and marketing people on the same page.

We also produced broadcast radio programs that has been running on AM740 radio in Toronto since 2003.  Celebrity Spotlight is a one hour weekly entertainment biography program. The Immortals is 90 minutes weekly.  Great music and a good stories about the people and artists who make up the soundtrack of our lives.

Memorable Business Communications